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  • OMNICELL universal cuvettes for liquids in the IR spectroscopy
  • optical windows for cuvettes and Nujol
  • film maker kit for repeatable production of thin films
  • magnetic holders for films and Specacards

Alt TextpdfOmni Cell System

Specac Pearl

  • transmission measurement of liquids and pasty samples without the need of cuvettes
  • robust ZnSe windows, resistant against water
  • various pathlengths available, 25 - 1000µm

Alt TextpdfSpecac Pearl

Pressing tools

  • pressing tools to produce KBr pellets and tablets of any kind e.g. for IR, dissolution, XRF etc.
  • MiniPress in case to hydraulic press is available

Alt TextpdfPellet Dies

Alt TextpdfXRF Brochure

Hydraulic presses

  • manual hydraulic presses with a range from 0–25t
  • automatic presses with a range from 1–40t
  • microprocessor controlled presses with a range from 1–40t

Alt TextpdfManual Press

Alt TextpdfAtlas Power Press (automatic press)

Alt TextpdfAtlas Auto Press (microprocessor controlled)

Mini Press and Mini CTFM

  • low-priced solution for production of KBr pellets (dia=7mm)
  • system for repeatable production of thin films of polymers of all kind

Alt TextpdfMini Press

Alt TextpdfMini Film Maker (CTFM)

Alt TextpdfConstant Thickness Film Maker

Alt TextpdfHigh Temp. Constant Thickness Film Maker

Quest ATR

  • the latest diamond ATR unit for everybody from Specac
  • low cost - high value
  • broad wavelength range, 10'000 cm-1 bis 40 cm-1
  • compatible with all FTIR instruments
  • innovative design - brings color into your lab

Alt TextpdfQuest ATR

Golden Gate

  • the original of all diamond ATR units
  • unique design of the diamond (soldered)
  • resistant against organic solvents, acids and alkalis
  • can be heated up to 300°C, coolable down to -190°C, optional reactor, flow-through cells from various materials, etc.
  • instrument independant IQ/OQ available

Alt TextpdfGolden Gate

Alt TextpdfLow Temp Golden Gate

Alt TextpdfHigh Temp Golden Gate

Alt TextpdfSupercritical Golden Gate

ATR units

  • other diamond and single reflection ATR units from Harrick or Specac
  • broad selection of multi reflection ATR units
  • ATR crystals from various materials and in many shapes

DRIFT and direct reflection

  • diffuse reflection units with different build-ups
  • reaction cells (300°C) for DRIFT
  • devices for measurement of direct reflection (specular)
  • grazing angle for reflection at thin layers (Specac monolayer or Harrick refractor)

Alt TextpdfMonolayer Grazing Angle

Alt TextpdfThe Selector (Diffuse Reflexion)

Gas cells

  • gas cells of all kind with pathlengths from 5cm to 100m
  • built from various materials, heatable, variable or fixed pathlengths, fitted to your needs

Alt TextpdfStorm Gas Cell

Alt TextpdfTornado Gas Cells

Alt TextpdfCyclone Gas Cells

Harrick and ICL accessories for IR spectroscopy

Beside the product range from Specac, which we distribute as the official representative for Switzerland, we are also offering tools and devices from other manufacturers if those would be a better solution for your analytical need. In particular we have a long-term cooperation with the companies Harrick and ICL.

  • Harrick Scientific has its strength on the field of special ATR and DRIFT units
  • ICL has a large know how and a wide range of products in the field of long path gas cells

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