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Standard IR

Portmann Instruments is your distributor and service provider for the field of FTIR spectroscopy. For more than 30 years we are dealing with IR spectroscopy and for more than 20 years we are distributing FTIR spectrometers. As partner of Jasco, we support beside the Jasco instruments also FTIR spectrometers of the former brands from Varian, A2, Bio-Rad, Digilab and Mattson. Additionally, instruments of the independent company Interspectrum. Benefit from our know-how for technical service, for purchasing of spare parts and consumables as well as all questions on the field of FTIR

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The latest Jasco development, the FTIR 4X, is delivering the performance, functionality and flexibility


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The high-end spectrometers of the 6X/8X series are

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