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PIAG - HPLC/LC accessories

PIAG - HPLC/LC accessories


  • smallest mixing volume starting at 15 μl for dynamic HPLC mixers
  • suitable for high-pressure or low-pressure gradients
  • 2 inlets and 1 outlet as standard (min. 1, max. 6 inlets possible)
  • stainless steel or titanium, without sealings
  • pressure-resistsant depending on the volume < 250 μl up to 1000 bar / > 250 μl up to 400 bar
  • OEM versions for direct mounting into your instruments

PIKO column oven

  • for one or two HPLC columns (max. length 25cm each)
  • applicable from RT up to 100°C
  • very high temperature stability (+/– 0.1°C)
  • horizontal or vertical mounting

Pulsation dampener

  • dead volume pressureless only 10µl or 800µl
  • stainless steel (incl. membrane), without sealing
  • very well pulsation dampening from 15bar
  • no failure with sudden pressure loss

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