The Luminar process NIR instruments from Brimrose allow a real-time monitoring of your process and are therefore providing the necessary information to optimize the process what saves costs. All Brimrose spectrometers are shock resistant due to the AOTF technology (Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter).
The fast scan speed of 16'000 wavelengths/sec is providing a very high S/N ratio and the permanent dual-beam measurement ensures that no baseline correction is necessary. Therefore, a real 24/7 monitoring without any drift is possible. Broad range of applications ins chemistry, pharma, food, polymer etc.

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Miniature spectrometer

  • free-space NIR
  • no sample contact
  • optimized small casing
  • free-space or fibre optic
  • gravity trigger
  • complies with IP55

pdfLuminar 4030

  • small process-NIR
  • battery operation possible
  • WiFi connection for data transfer
  • perfect for blender or fluid bed dryer

pdfLuminar 4070

  • handheld NIR for variable applications
  • highest flexibility regarding sample measurement due to different accessories
  • trigger for measurement

pdfLuminar 5030

  • optics separated from electronics
  • IP55 for harsh enviroments
  • free space with no direct sample contact

pdfLuminar 7030

  • various fibre optic probes
  • explosion protected possible (incl. ATEX)

pdfLuminar 3010

  • free space without samlpe contact
  • optics separated from electronics
  • high power source for diffuse and transmission measurement

pdfLuminar 3030

  • multiplexer for up to 16 measuring positions
  • short switching time of 100ms
  • no correction of the individual channels necessary

pdfLuminar 3060

  • benchtop analyzer
  • flow-through cells for liquids available

pdfLuminar 3070

  • seedmeister for automatic separation of seeds into up to 6 categories
  • 30 seeds/min
  • transmission- and reflection measurement possible

pdfLuminar 3076

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