The best possible solution for your analytical questions in the field of IR- and UV-Vis spectroscopy as well as scanning electron microscopy including element detection - this is our strength, with more than 30 years of experience in practice and theory

  • Technical discussion with the client to define the analytical problem
  • Proposal and agreement on the optimal spectral analysis technique

Identification of unknown components on surfaces (interfaces, multilayers), or isolated / single samples in case of process contamination, residues or foreign substances.

  • Direct chemical identification on surfaces/interfaces
  • Depth profile(s) with structure and dimension information (e.g. multilayer)
  • Structure elucidation of chemical components (IR spectroscopic, IR database searches)

Quantifications via IR spectroscopy (organic/inorganic substances)



Measurement of indoor air contamination (e.g. silicones, greases, oils) in the trace range in production facilities (electronic manufacturing, high-tech research facilities) with "specular reflectance" measurement technology.



General analytical problems or questions from the QC laboratory, process monitoring (on/off-line) and the research laboratory.

If other analytical techniques are required (chromatography coupled techniques such as LC/GC-MS or classical analytical methods), these methods are available via cooperation partners.

10-package for IR-database searches incl. short report and interpretation check for your unknown substances. 1/10 of the total price is charged per identification/search.


You send us the IR spectrum of the substance to be elucidated and we do a search in IR databases and check the IR hit with a short interpretation.
For a quote, contact us by phone or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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