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Investigation technologies for surfaces/interfaces and multilayers

Investigations with IR spectroscopic methods and microscopic technologies:

ATRAttenuated Total Reflection

Golden Gate FTIR Spektren InterpretationMesstechnik orgSubst Polymere Kurs FPA 26 270821 PIAG Kopie


DRIFT, Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transformation

Direct Reflection (Grazing Angle)

Selector MonolayerGrazingAngle


IR-Imaging/IR-Microscopy combined with (Focal Plane) Array Detector

Selector Selector


SEM (Scanning-Electron-Microscopy) with Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS, also abbreviated EDX or XEDS)

image015 image013


Light and stereo microscopy, confocal microscopy (external cooperation partner)

AFM, Atomic Force Microscopy (external cooperation partner)

General analytical problems or questions

  • Sample preparation/handling suitable for measurement (for samples from QC, process monitoring, research)
  • Application of the optimal IR method. In addition to ATR, DRIFT, etc., IR spectra can be recorded in transmission or with gas or flow cells.
  • Identification of unknown components (IR structure elucidation and/or database searches)
  • Quantification of chemical components on the basis of reference substances
  • Method development, IR database construction adapted to your processes / analytical environment

            image003 image005 image017

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